Denaby Utd – Mexborough 1 Denaby 3 – Double Shuffle

December 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 27, 1935

Thursday’s Game

Mexborough 1 Denaby 3

Denaby completed the double at Hampden Road on Boxing Day by inflicting a 3-1 defeat on the Mexborough team. The match was played in deplorable conditions and it was largely due to Denaby’s ability to adjust themselves to the heavy going that they secured the victory. There was little to choose in scale.

With the exception of right, the home forwards could not stand up to the lusty Denaby defenders, and although Lawson and Smith were a match for them from the point of your footwork, treacherous surface prevented them from rounding the backs easily when they were in possession.

Double Shuffle

Denaby scores came within the first 25 minutes, and were scored by Barks. It was soon apparent that Denaby would not be long in scoring. After five minutes then was too quick for Wilkinson – down the wind put over a perfect centre which Barks deflected into the goal. Almost from the kick-off guess got possession of the ball is sent across a long wing to wing pass which firmly snapped up by the movement that brought the first goal was repeated almost identically for Barks to put Denaby two ahead.

Mexborough reduced Denaby’s lead after 15 minutes. The goal was scored by Parry who sent in a grand shot from a freekick just within the goal area. It was excellent opportunism.

Only 20 minutes later the Fernley barks combination brought another goal. This time was not such a clean, fair, but again Wilkins was unable to hold Fearnley, and Barks was quick to snap up the chance.

Luck Fails

just before the interval Mexborough came into the picture again, both Lawson and Smith met some fine hearted runs on the wings.

Although the second half was goalless it was, if anything, more interesting than the first. Mexborough have by far the greater part of the play, and were unfortunate not to score. Their approach work had the Denaby defence at sea on a dozen occasions, but either through weak finishing or wretched luck they could not find the net..

Denaby were the more uniform side, was firmly and barks outstanding amongst the forwards. Sykes was a pillar of strength in the centre