Denaby Utd – Mexborough Town 0  Denaby 1 – Ground Resembled Quagmire

3 January 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 03 January 1911

Mexborough Beaten by Denaby.

Mexborough Town 0  Denaby United  1

The general conditions which prevailed at Mexborough were not conducive to a smart game between these two old rivals.

The ground resembled a quagmire, and it was not surprising that both teams missed easy chances, even though several were really unpardonable. Mexborough’s early rushes soon spent themselves, though they failed to take opportunities of easy goals. Once Denaby came into the picture, however, they proved no better, and a goalless first half proved unsatisfactory.

The match was won by a shot which gets home once in twenty times. Jack Westwood taking a free kick, 25 yards out, to easily beat Beech.

The football was never lively, and not at all in keeping with the contests between the clubs. Plenty of excitement came in patches, but neither side was convincing, though they were hardly expected to reproduce tip-top form in such a sludge-tip which obtained after rain and frost.

The result was anything but palatable to the home supporters, whose hopes, after the Denaby draw the previous work, rested high on victory.