Denaby Utd – Micklefield 0 Denaby 2 – Championship Hopes Rise

April 1967

South Yorkshire Times, April 22 1967

Mick Smith’s Parting Denaby Victory

Micklefield Welfare 0 Denaby United 2

Denaby United’s Yorkshire league division II championship hopes rose on Saturday by their away victory over Micklefield in a good entertaining match.

Despite the fact that neither goal was particularly well taken, the game produced neat, clean football from both sides.

The game got off to a brisk start. In the opening moments, Lovell got his head to a centre, but the Micklefield keeper, Taylor, was right on the mark.

From his clearance, Micklefield inside left Walker, took the ball upfield and centred to centre forward Whitaker, who took the ball neatly on the head, but shot over the bar.

Round the post

After such good play, the first goal, in the 20th minute, was a little disappointing. In a confused goalmouth scuffle, Barton tapped the ball home from point-blank range to put Denaby one up.

A couple of minutes later, Mick Smith saw his chance and slammed in a much more goal deserving shop. Taylor, caught off balance just managed to get his toe went to the ball, putting it round the post.

It took only a moment for Mick to be racing in again with another cracking shot that went just wide in the 37th minute, the flying inside left got his well earned goal. Mick Smith took a neat pass from Wright and almost dribbled the ball in before shooting.

The second half was a little disappointing, both teams had tired from the fast pace of their first half, and were not so quick to take their opportunities.

Outside left Gerry Smith but a perfect love across the goalmouth, but there were no takers, either to score more to clear.

A bit of fire attending yet another fine attack by Mick Smith, he shot low and hard from just outside the penalty area, and Taylor was caught right off position. The keeper dived flat and skidded across the goalmouth, just kicking a ball round the post with his finger tipps.

Micklefield never looked like scoring in the second half, but credit must go to the defence, and in particular to left back Webb, who continually fed the ball upfield, as well as doing a first-class defensive job.


Micklefield: Taylor; Webb, Copeland; Wheatley, Wilkes, Wilson; Baur, Kershaw, Whitaker, Walker, Watson.

Denaby: Smith (Gordon); wiggles, Caunt; Lovell, Cooper, B., Ainscough : Wright, launders, Barton, Smith (M.), Smith (Gerry).

Referee: E. Ellis (Halifax)