Denaby Utd – Newark 1 Denaby 1 – Denaby Still unbeaten

November 1905


Mexborough and Swinton Times November 18 1905

A Point at Newark

Newark 1 Denaby United 1

Denaby United have also succeeded in retaining their unbeaten certificate, notwithstanding on Saturday they had to visit Newark, were very few clubs manage to pick up points, and last season, if I remember rightly, Denaby had in more senses than one, a distinctly rough experience.

I don’t think that this game was altogether gentle, for Newark have acquired a reputation for making things one for the visiting team, but their tactics did not result, as they did last season in knocking a couple of points out of the “Colliers.”

The latter, in fact, had the worst of the lot, or they would have be returned the winners of the game in which one goal was scored, on either side. The Denaby forward line, which laterally has seemed a little off-colour, again displayed the well nigh perfect understanding between the earlier weeks of the season made them so formidable. Their work was smarter and cleaner than was the case a fortnight ago when the English Cup disaster occurred at Denaby.

The idea that Denaby having once been defeated, would go to the dog. Seem likely to materialise, for they are still one of two undefeated teams in the league, and fore and aft their combination is good enough to carry them further yet.

It will be noticed they have the second-best percentage, been very little behind Wednesday Reserve, and a good deal ahead of United Reserve, who played just twice as many matches.

On Saturday the team played an all-round good game, and the half back line was better than in several recent matches.