Denaby Utd – Notts County Reserve 5 Denaby 0.

26 March 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 26 March 1909

Notts County Reserve 5 Denaby United 0.

The weather conditions were the reverse of pleasant for this match at Trent Bridge, and only a small company assembled.

Denaby were the first to attack, a neat passing movement ending in Lowe being a fraction too late to utilise a fine opening Notts retaliated very smartly, and from a centre by Moore, Chalmers headed in, and the ball passed through a crowd of players into the net.

Notts continued hold the upper hand, but Hancock kept a fine goal. Flint all but beat him, on one occasion, and then from a throw-in Jones shot. The ball came back off a defender, but the Notts forward secured again, and running between the backs, scored a second goal. The play continued run in favour the home team, but Denaby defended finely.

Although facing the wind in the second halt. Notts for a time had all the play, and before a quarter of an hour had elapsed Flint scored a third goal out of scrimmage in front of Hancock. After this Denaby played better, but they could make no impression on the Notts defence. Chalmers obtained a fourth goal from a penalty kick given for a foul on Jones, and. shortly after Gooch scored the fifth point.

Result: Notts County Reserve … 5 goals. Denaby United 0 goal.