Denaby Utd – Oct 25 – Denaby 1 Wombwell 0 – Denaby Pull It Off.

October 1924

Mexborough & Swinton Times, Saturday, October 25
English Cup.

Denaby Pull It Off.
Wombwell Fail in Last Five Minutes.
A Victory Deserved.

(Denaby United 1, Wombwell 0).
At the fourth attempt Denaby United managed to beat Wombwell in the third round of the F.A. Cup, but they left it until the last five minutes. Throughout the whole of the second half they had been pressing heavily, and time and time again only a miracle saved the Wombwell goal. Except for a brief raid early in the half, and for the few minutes after the goal, play was entirely confined to the Wombwell quarters during the second half. Corner after corner was forced on the left wing. Cooper being conspicuous on many occasions, but nothing resulted. Time after time was the ball dropped into the goalmouth, but somehow it was scrambled away, and the crowd expressed its satisfaction – or disappointment. Nothing but luck could have saved Wobmbwell. And eventually the citadel fell. Hill broke away on the right, and after a nice run centred for HAWKINS to send in a fast drive from long range, which left Burkinshaw no chance whatever.
The game took place on the Mexborough ground before a very good ‘gate,’ which included large numbers of Denaby supporters, and not a few of the Wombwell side. Each team had three changes after Monday’s match at Wath owing to injuries, and it was obvious from the first that they were still feeling the effects of the previous encounters.
On the run of the play during the first half, strangely enough. Wombwell deserved the lead. They did most of the attacking on the later stages, but Denaby put up a stubborn defence.