Denaby Utd – Oct 25 – Denaby United 1, Wombwell 1 – Cripple and Narrow Escapes

October 1924

Mexborough & Swinton Times, Saturday, October 25

English Cup.
Second Qualifying Round.

The Denaby ‘Derby.’
Wombwell Pull Through With a Cripple.
But Have Some Narrow Escapes.

Denaby United 1, Wombwell 1

The third of the season between Denaby United and Wombwell, which took place at Denaby on Saturday, ended in a draw. The other two had been won by Denaby. The third clash was a real cup-tie, fought at a great pace, with tremendous keenness-keenness which sometimes carried away the players, and led to rather unpleasant displays of bad temper.

The balance of play was in Denaby’s favour, but on the other hand, Wombwell lost Kaye injured for nearly twenty minutes of the first half, and for the rest of the game his right foot was useless. This occurrence probably saved Denaby at least one goal, for Kaye had the goal at his mercy once in the second half, when the ball came over from the right, could he have shot with his right foot. But Wombwell had rather narrower escapes. Twice in the first half the defence seemed overthrown, and the merest shred of chance saved it – once when Josh Burkinshaw shot into an empty goal after the other had been drawn out, and hit the inside of the post, to see the goalkeeper recover and snatch the ball off the very goal-line again, when Brayshaw took on opening and made a strong first time shot that the Wombwell goalkeeper could not have got to, but had it accidentally imposed the other defender.