Denaby Utd – Scarborough 1 Denaby 6 – Denaby’s Brilliant Victory

November 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 1, 1935

Scarborough “Bogie”
Denaby’s Brilliant Victory

Scarborough 1 Denaby United 6

Denaby United, by their second-half superiority, deserved to beat Scarborough 6-1 on their own ground, thus making up for the heavy defeat at Grantham on the previous Thursday. At the last-minute Fleetwood was unable to make the journey, and Bloomfield, a centre forward from Denaby and Cadeby Welfare, made his debut in the Midland league and led the attack to advantage. Hewitt, Denaby’s regular leader, occupied Fleetwood’s position. It is not often a young forward can get the better of old defenders, but this was the case with Bloomfield.

Picken, in the Denaby goal, gave a masterful display. It was his work in the second half that saved the game for Denaby. Leek and Clark, after been hard pressed in the first of, were again in merry mood, while the halfbacks also played well. There was no holding the Denaby forwards in the second half. Hewitt proved himself to be a capable substitute for Fleetwood. Owing to the inclusion of Mitchell, Scarborough’s new recruit from Scotland, at left back, the regular defence, McGann, Thompson and Dickinson, severed partnership, the latter occupying the right half position. The “regulars” had only conceded three goals in seven games, thus Scarborough paid dearly for separating them.

Lost Opportunities

The winning of the toss was of no advantage to Denaby, who were thrown on the defensive in the first few minutes. The home forwards were unable to get within shooting range, however, and Denaby broke away to force a corner on the right. For a period Denaby dominated the game and should have taken the lead when Hewitt had the goal at his mercy from close range.

Denaby’s rear rank then came in for a gruelling time. Picken saved smartly from Higgins, while Hutchinson skimmed the bar with a great drive.

So far Scarborough are been the more dangerous side, but were unsteady when within shooting range. They were awarded a freekick just outside the penalty area but Smithson shot over the bar, and Higgins had a chance on that account but shot weakly, with Picken out of goal. The ball was luckily scrambled away and took to the other end for Denaby to take the lead. Guest hooking the ball into the middle for Hewitt to score. That was after 35 minutes. For the remaining period of the half Scarborough fought back strongly and Picken saved smartly from Smithson, tipped over the bar from Higgins then punched away a shot from Hutchinson.

Effective Finishing

Within a minute of resuming Denaby were two up through the persistency of Bloomfield. Thompson missed his tackle and the young centre forward broke through to beat the oncoming McGann with a fine drive.

Scarborough took up their stride again to find Picken on the alert. He put a high drive from millions of the bar I’m neatly gathered a header from Allport. Fastening on to a long pass Smithson forced his way past a couple of Denaby players to bring Picken to his knees with a long drive.

Although Scarborough were doing most of the attacking, the Denaby forwards were the most dangerous when on the move. At the end of 60 minutes Denaby’s lead was further increased. Receiving a neat pass from Fernley, Bloomfield dribble past Thompson and Robinson. McGann, failed to hold the ball and the Denaby centre forward went through to tap it into the empty net. Denaby nearly scored again when guests sent in a hot drive which McGann luckily saved.

Scarborough made little use of their remaining chances and their finishing was very ineffective.

It came of no surprise, therefore, when Barks added a fourth goal after 78 minutes. Guest scored another, but Scarborough’s untiring efforts were rewarded when Smithson scored from a penalty.

In the closing stages Bloomfield completed his “hat-trick” and once again Denaby proved to be Scarborough’s “Bogey.”