Denaby Utd – Scarborough 2 Denaby United 1 – Denaby Sparkle At Scarborough

January 1937

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 8th 1937

Midland League

Silver Lining
Denaby Sparkle At Scarborough
Disallowed Goals

Scarborough 2, Denaby United 1

Scarborough laid a ‘bogey’ by defeating Denaby United at Scarborough for the second time since the seasiders’ entry into the Midland League.

On the run of the game Scarborough did not deserve to win. Their approach work was poor, while their shooting was weak. The first goal came from what appeared to be an offside position. Barron had little to do than turn round and put a screw shot into the far corner of the net. The second was when Tremain was brought heavily to the ground before he had time to gather the ball. Denaby twice had the ball in the net, Smith scoring catch time, his second goal being disallowed for offside. There was no getting away from the fact that Denaby were far the better team.

Tremain made several good saves. Happs played a sound game, while Newman, although he appeared to feel the effects of Saturday’s head injury, at times played remarkably well. Denaby’s chief weakness was at centre-half while the two junior wingers on trial gave good accounts of themselves. Horner, at left-half, is a player of promise. He comes from Shafton having played with the Juniors for three seasons. Beardsley, a local left-half, was worthy of his place. Cotton, on the extreme right, had an off day, but the two inside men, Grange and Fleetwood, were great schemers. Hoyland, an outside-left on trial, is likely to maintain his place.

In the First Minute.

Facing a strong breeze, Scarborough attacked in the first minute, Tremain saving from Varty. Denaby swept down, Grange ending a fine solo effort by shooting weakly into the hands of McGann. After seven minutes Denaby took the lead following a misunderstanding between Clark and Longden, SMITH rushing up to beat McGann with a low ground shot. Denaby were all over their opponents at this stage and Smith got through again only to be pulled up for offside.