Denaby Utd – Scunthorpe 3 Denaby 1 – Checked Again – Well Beaten at Scunthorpe

December 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 11, 1925

Checked Again
Denaby Well Beaten at Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe United 3 Denaby United 1

Some good, keen – if at all times not over clean – football was seen at Scunthorpe on Saturday between Scunthorpe and Denaby United. Both teams were at full strength and the return of Vowles and Glennie was largely responsible for Scunthorpe’s improved display. True, they are always difficult to beat on their own ground. They have an unbeaten home record this season, but their away form has been anything but encouraging; only a week earlier they were defeated by four goals at Newark. It was with confidence, therefore, that Denaby, who were second in the league table, took the field on Saturday, and the result must have been a shock to them.

But for the brilliance of Bromage, Denaby would have been humiliated. With the exception of the occasion of the scoring of Scunthorpe’s second goal, when he ran out and missed the ball altogether, Bromage gave a faultless display. High shots, low shots, shots from long range and short range, were all the same to him. But even Bromage was not wholly responsible for Scunthorpe’s failure to score during a terrific bombardment which followed the scoring of Denaby’s goal.

Straight from the kick-off Scunthorpe attacked, and in addition to the shots which Bromage saved, all the shots from short range were charged down by defenders or hit the woodwork of the goal. When the ball was at last got away it was the biggest “let off” seen in a match at Scunthorpe.

Each side scored once in the first half, Pearson rushing through a high dropping ball from Skeels and Vowles bundling goalkeeper and ball into the net when Bromage was about to clear from Clarkson. Both Scunthorpe’s second half goals were scored by Cawley.

Of the Denaby backs, Bisby played the cleaner and better football, but both were often beaten. Wheelhouse, especially in the second half, appeared to have made up his mind to stop Vowles, and the latter evidently decided he would not be stopped at any rate by Wheelhouse, and the robust back came off second best. After a bout with Vowles Wheelhouse fell awkwardly and was carried off. An appeal was made for a foul against Vowles, but the latter denied, that he had touched the full back, and after consulting both linesman and referee restarted play by dropping the ball. Wheelhouse then returned to the field.

Team: Bromage; Wheelhouse, Bisby; Croot, Windle, Brown; Drew, Pearson, Taylor, Allen, Skeels