Denaby Utd – Scunthorpe United 1 Denaby 1 – Well Deserved – Cup Game Recalled

January 1936

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 17, 1936

Well Deserved
Denaby Hold Scunthorpe
Cup Game Recalled

Scunthorpe United 1 Denaby United 1

visiting the same ground upon which they met their English Cup “Waterloo” Denaby secured a well-deserved point against Scunthorpe, having thus captured three of the possible four points.

Denaby, for this visit had three different faces in Walker, Billy Barks and Machin, the latter deputised for Fearnley who is on the injured list. The return of Fleetwood to Denaby attack made a decided improvement, while Billy Barks proved himself to be a capable leader. Fleetwood was inspiration of the attack. The half backs played a more distinctive game, due to Beadman and Walker having fully recovered from the effects of Christmas injuries. Both Leek and Clark did well. They came through a lot of hard work with full honours. To Earnshaw, the goalkeeper, special credit must be given for keeping Scunthorpe score down to one in the first half. On one occasion he died at the feet of Lewis to save what appeared to be a certain goal.

Not at Their Best

With the exception of Heath, Scunthorpe were at full strength, and at no period during the game today revealed their English Cup tie form.

Scunthorpe made early attacks which were cleared under great pressure. Denaby played well in midfield but failed to get within dangerous shooting range. Relieving the pressure, Scunthorpe got away and from close range Roberts scraped the bar with a great shot. Earnshaw gained great applause when diving at the feet of Lewis.

Denaby improved and gave Crilly and Cross plenty to do. After half an hour Scunthorpe gained the lead, Allen on the extreme left, meeting a centre from Kilsby to score with a fine drive. Denaby made many determined efforts to level the scores, but failed, chiefly owing to Millington’s fine defensive play.

Against a strong wind Denaby control the light ball well in the second half, and midway through Billy Barks scored the equaliser.