Denaby Utd – Sheffield Utd Reserves 1 Denaby 2 – Foulkes twice beaten (picture)

January 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 21, 1905

Sheffield United Reserves 1 Denaby United 2

Denaby had the advantage of the wind in the first half, but at the start it did them little good, for United kept the ball well in their half. Eventually Denaby made play on their life, and Nimrod finish with a good effort, which Foulkes dealt with successfully. Other advances by visitors were easily checked, but United going down again, Raine got in a very clever centre, which Lawley got away

Then Denaby became very persistent, and Foulkes was called upon several times. When the home team did get going, Lawley and Massey between them nearly gave a goal away, Massey finally kicking the ball hard onto Needham, when rebounding over the line. Helped by the wind, Denaby kept up an almost continuous attack, yet only one shot found its way to Foulkes. That came through Forster completely missing the ball, and allowing Nimrod a clear course, the United goalkeeper saving the shop in very clever fashion

With 25 minutes gone Raine and Bennett got away on the United right, and the former centring nicely, Rothery hooked the ball into the net well out of Massey’s reach
Restarting the Sheffield team were immediately dangerous again, and Massey very finely parried good shots by Bennett and Rotherham, the latter also shooting badly when well placed. The remaining play was even and United were a goal to the good at the turn. Near the interval the visitors lost Hosey and he did not return until the second half was for some minute old.
Soon after resuming Bennett made an opening for Lumley, will run right up before he was charged over. A corner to the home team followed, the kit be splendidly placed by Rosary, Massey had to be stirred himself always say was not a good one. Massey caught include a long shot by Bennett, the Sheffield this, with the wind in their favour, doing practically all the attacking
Owing to the treacherous state of the ground, the players do not move at all well, and in consequence, good football was out of the question
A rush by Denaby saw Hosey shoot across the goal when he had a fine opening Lindley finally shooting high over. At the other end Rothery was notable for a couple of fine centres, which were safely got away and the visitors getting off again

Hawkins equalised with a surprise shot after Foulkes had once cleared. There was now less than a quarter of an hour to go, and following a week retaliation by Sheffield, Milnes miskicked, but Foulkes went full-length to Lavery’s shot, and conceded a futile corner

In a succeeding attack by the visitors Forster handled the ball inside the fatal area and with the penalty kick Lawley won the match for Denaby
A good centre by Rothery was almost turned into the Denaby goal by Lawley, and in the last-minute Massey only just managed to get the ball out, a scrimmage ensuring near to the visitor’s goal



The legendary William Henry “Fatty” Foulke was in his final year at Branall Lane before moving to Chelsea

Picture from Wikipedia; also see article