Denaby Utd – Shrewsbury 6, Denaby 0 – Denaby’s Heavy Fall

21 September 1937

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 21 September 1937

Denaby’s Heavy Fall At Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury 6, Denaby 0

Denaby troubled the Shrewsbury defence continually in the opening stages, but they were steadily beaten back, and the Shrewsbury forwards pestered more and more with their shooting.

At first the game was sluggish, but improved, and Wynn saved again and again, he was twice injured, and during his second knock out Breeze scored from a penalty for Shrewsbury, who had a second goal through the ball, kicked by Cartwright, rebounding off Green’s back into the net.

Hopley scored a third goal for Shrewsbury before the interval. Denaby’s goal again fell after the restart. Williams scoring from a fine centre. After Wynn had saved several limes Roberts scored a fifth goal. Shrewsbury kept Denabv’s defence hard at work, and only occasionally did their forwards reach Shrewsbury’s lines Wynn worked bard stem the tide, but Race beat him eventually.