Denaby Utd – Stocksbridge Works 1, Denaby United 5 – Strength In Attack Was Test

13 January 1968

South Yorkshire Times January 13, 1968

Strength In Attack Was Test In United-Works Game

Stocksbridge Works 1, Denaby United 5

WHILE Stocksbridge Works appeared to be as good as Denaby United in midfield and defensively, it was more apparent by the time the interval was reached that their attack for this home Yorkshire League match was inferior to that of the visitors.

There was only one home front man giving Denaby’s defence any sort of trouble and that was centre-forward Tony Butcher, who made one or two quick bursts and came near scoring once. Still Denaby United’s goalkeeper was never in danger. And by this time Denaby were a couple of goals in front.

Lead up to the first was when Rod Evans lost possession in the goal area. As he tried to correct that mistake, the ball was shot against his body and diverted to an unmarked BRIAN PARKER, who promptly flashed it into the net.

Nearer the interval, Denaby’s left full-back tried one from 30 yards range and CAUNT must have been as surprised as anyone when the ball landed against the upright and fell into the goal. Gleefully he celebrated with a spurt back to his position, remembering possibly about the goals he used to score when he was occupying the centre forward position.

Works re-started as though they meant business and from an Armitage cross TONY PRICE headed home. Denaby’s defence was glued to the ground as this goal was engineered, or was it that they thought Price to be offside!


One hoped for a fight back into the game from Stocksbridge, but it was just a flash-in-the-pan, for after a few minutes the attack dropped clean out of the game. And as the pressure piled up, the Works defence became more haphazard, particularly in lack of marking. Denaby pushed home their superiority by scoring three further goals from WHITTAKER (2) and BRIAN PARKER and Works escaped a sixth when the woodwork barred the way.

Without attempting to decry these successes it was a fact that scoring was simplified somewhat by the fact that Works defenders were anywhere but in the place that mattered when all three goals were scored.

A 5-1 victory for Denaby was convincing enough and it left us wondering how Works were able to hold the opposition the previous week.

Denaby were a well organised side in marked contrast to Stocksbridge, who were best served by Barry Turner at left back. Worthy of mention were his partner, John Blackburn and, Tom Myles, who did engender some enthusiasm up front,