Denaby Utd – Thorne Colliery 3 Denaby 1 – United Lose Vital Game

January 1966

South Yorkshire Times January 15, 1966

United Lose Vital Game

Thorne Colliery… 3 Denaby United… 1

Thorne played fast, entertaining football from the start of their home Yorkshire league game with Denaby United, and this was matched by the visitors. Unfortunately, all the play was midfield, and as soon as a ball approach to the penalty area, moves broke down and defenders easily cleared up field.

Despite this, the first goal came in the 12th minute, when Thorne’s right-winger, Thompson sent in a long, high centre to inside right Woffinden, who put his header in the top of the net.

After the restart, however the first half settled down to its pattern of good play ruined by wild shots from well outside the penalty area.

When Thorne centre forward Picken did get inside the Denaby penalty area, he had only Collingwood to beat, and plenty of time to shoot, and yet his shot went hopelessly wide. Kingstone at number 10, playing his first match with Denaby first team, had a chance from just outside the penalty area, but his too high shot was easily put over the bar. Play continued in the same vein until half-time, leaving the score at Thornes 1, Denaby 0

Extra Effort

The second half was more or less the same, except Thorne put that extra bit of effort into their forward line that gave them two more goals.

After a series of lightning attacks, Thorne were awarded a corner in the 55th minute, which A Jones centred beautifully to Thompson, whose header Collingwood never looked like reaching.

Denaby hopes for a last-minute draw, or even victory, soard in the 80th minute when Caunt took a centre from Toyne and slammed home a first-time shot, but there were dashed two minutes later when Picken streaked down the field in the beautiful solo run to obtain Thornes third.

There were hopes of a goal for Denaby in the final minutes of the game when they had a series of corners but they lacked the forward power to penetrate the Thorne defence.

Praise is due to the Denaby defenders, particularly right back, Cox, who was not beaten once in a direct confrontation with a Thorne forward. Without their hard work, it would have been much more than a 3-1 victory for Thorne.

Team: Collingwood; Dodd, Cox; Winfield, Williams, Collins; Smith, Foster, Caunt, Kingstone, Toyne