Denaby Utd – Wath 0 Denaby 2 – Denaby’s Conquering Career

March 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 28, 1925

Denaby’s Conquering Career
Wath Fail to Stay
Wath Athletic 0 Denaby United 2

Hargreaves returned to the Wath athletic team last Saturday after injuries. It was not their day out. They were the better team during the first half, but their shots were mostly wide of the mark

during the greater part of the first half of the Athletic kept the visiting defence busy, Wilkinson played grandly on the left wing and until Dennis went lame, the pair were a formidable wing, Hawkins been beaten on many occasions.

Dean, the Denaby outside right, made one finds, for offside, and the effort was spoilt. From a free kick Ripon secured and made a solo effort, but his shot went high over. This was followed by an individual effort by Bussey who ended shooting wide.

On changing over we saw a decided change in the tactics of the visitors. Wilkinson, who did pretty well as he liked the first half was watched closely, and rendered harmless. Before the game had been resumed many minutes, Frost was drawn out of his goal. Brayshaw sent in an accurate shot, and Dawber cleared almost on the goal-line. Shortly afterwards Bussey scored from a well-placed corner. This was after a quarter of an hour’s play in the second half.

The visitors attacked vigourously, and the home backs facing the sun had their work cut out. Cooper and Brayshaw got past Ward, but Wheatley relieved for a time.

Denaby maintained the attack, and after forcing a couple of corners, Fawden placed them further ahead 10 minutes from time.

Wath tried hard to get on level terms, but all their efforts were futile, their shooting been too erratic. Denaby deserved to win: in the second half there were by far the better team, and showed superior stamina and accuracy.


Team: Bromage; Hawkins, Taylor; Windle, Redfern, Brown; Dean, Bussey, Fawden Brayshaw, Cooper