Denaby Utd – Wednesday Reserve 4  Denaby 0 – Denaby at Owlerton

31 December 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 31 December 1910

Denaby at Owlerton

Sheffield Wednesday Reserve 4  Denaby United  0

Let us draw a kindly veil of the Denaby defeat at Owlerton. We did not look forward to great things from that quarter, but we imagine that the Colliers would make a game of it. What chance they might have had was nullified by the disorganisation of the frontline entailed by the suspension of Jones and Dyal, and the team was by no means well-balanced. There was a poor attendance and Denaby had the wind.

In the opening minutes of very hard shot from a scramble in front of Sheppard saw the visitors goal escape very fortunately.

Sheppard however had never much to do, but a few minutes later O’Connell started a clever move from the centre half, and with Burkinshaw and Murray playing together excellently, Burkinshaw had only Sheppard in front of him. He shot, however, went straight to the custodian and then Denaby after 10 minutes play got over the halfway line in the distance of about 20 yards before Worrall put an end to Thackrah. Had the Denaby forwards been alive to their chances they might have scored, for Dodsley and Hilton were given fairly good opening. The best effort, however, was a shop which went by the upright from Dodsley

A Hat Trick

When the game was 35 minutes old Murray got a couple of goals in rapid succession, and the result from that time forward was a foregone conclusion. In the second half, Denaby for a short time still showed dangerous for, but shocks were few and far between, and as Wednesday press a stoppage was caused by Turner and Jackson coming into opposition with their heads. The regimen was the worst sufferer of the two, but nevertheless was quickly in harness again, and Bradley came very near adding the third.

At this stage the wind was not by any means so strong as in the opening period, but still Wednesday, all round, were much the better side, and Sheppard again had to be quick in his clearances. At the end of 15 minutes Murray completed the object, but as a matter of fact little credit could be given to the scorer, for the Wednesday centre’s shot was of a feeble character, and Sheppard let his side down very badly in allowing the ball to go between his legs.

Following a grand shot by Burkinshaw, which Sheppard turned round for a corner, another rush by the Denaby left saw Kinghorn save smartly as the ball came across from Thackrah, Hilton ending the attack by shooting wide of the man. After more pressure by the home team, Denaby renewed their forceful work, and Kinghorn, for a few minutes, had a very lively time, but eventually the Wednesday defence again obtain the upper hand, and the midfield play which followed was fast and interesting.

In the closing stages Martin Bradley rubbed it in a little more, and Denaby were well beaten