Denaby Utd – Wombwell 0 Denaby 3 – Denaby’s Smart “Feast” Win

September 1925

Midland league.

Wombwell Weaknesses.
Denaby’s Smart “Feast” Win

Wombwell 0, Denaby United 3

Wombwell are having some difficulty filling vacancies caused by the departure of Wilson, and the injury to Binns on Saturday, and on Monday, when the annual Feast fixture with Denaby united was played at Hough Lane.

There was a marked weakness on the wings which completely upset the work of the attack. The experiment of playing Green, a left full-back, at outside right, was not successful, and Matthews made poor use of the ball when he got it. The result was that Wombwell concentrated on the middle, and the Denaby defenders, knowing always where to expect it, checkmated it without much difficulty. Crook and Fisher are both on the light side and they had no room to move nor time to do much shooting near goal with Matt Taylor, Bisby, Windle and the wing backs at their elbows all the time. Still, the Denaby goal had some narrow escapes, particularly when Windle when Windle headed away a stunning shot from just under the bar, and Bisby hooked out a shot that had beaten the unsighted Bromage in the late burst which the Wombwell men made. Bisby was rather shaky, Bromage was once or twice not quite so sure as usual, and Windle and Matt. Taylor were the giants in defence. Windle played a splendid game.

Wombwell took charge of the game in the first few minutes, and went very near scoring or two or three occasions. When a miskick by Bisby let them through Fisher headed the ball in, beating Bromage for the possession, and a goal would have been scored had not Ingledew unadvisedly dashed up to make sure, thereby, thereby robbing his side as he was offside.

The scoring began 33 minutes play, Croot the ball forward for Drew to slip neatly between Thompson and Hayward and pass to Bussey who screwed in a clever shot that Rathbone misjudged.

Wilkes who had led the Denaby attack in the absence of Stanley Taylor, headed in a fine goal from a great centre from the corner flag by Bussey a few minutes before the interval. The third goal was scored in similar fashion just before the end, Wilkes smartly heading in in a good centre this time from Skeels.

The game was a poor one and in the wet was watched by a small crowd. Ball control was faulty and there was too much wild kicking. The Wombwell inside forwards did a lot of hard work, but without much method in it, and Crook was the only man who had a good sense of where the goal was. The pick of the side was Alec Thompson, who, moved over to the left to letting Dr. Gordon at right half. He played a splendid game some of his tackles and forward passes being excellent, there were times he allowed Drew too much scope. Harry Kay played hard and well, and Dr. Gordon showed much good football. Barber was the better back.

Denaby were much better served forward, though Wilkes was not a good leader, with Bussey easily the best of the line. Fawdon is steadily improving and the two wingers generally made good use of their chances Windle was the best half, but both Brown and Croot did well. Bisby did good things to balance his mistakes, and Matt. Taylor was generally sound. Bromage was the none safe after his 12 earlier slips. Wilks two goals were good ones.

Teams: – Wombwell: Rathbone Barber: Hayward: Gordon, Kay Thompson: Green, Ingle do, Crookes, Fisher, Matthews.

Denaby United: Ramage, 31 Taylor, Bisby: true, Windle, Brown: Drew, Bussey, Wilkes, Fawdon, Skeel.