Denaby Utd – Wombwell 4 Denaby 2 – Record “Gate” Sees “Derby” Game

October 1946

South Yorkshire Times, October 26, 1946

Record “Gate” Sees Wombwell“Derby” Game

Wombwell Ath. 4, Denaby Utd. 2

Denaby went down a dourly fighting siding traffic struggle atWombwell. The game was in the true tradition of “Derby” rivalry between these two clubs. The gate of roughly 3,000 was a record for Wombwell. A gruelling game took a sensational turn halfway through the first half, Wombwell being two up in as many minutes, neatly served by Oxley, Caunt gave Wombwell the lead with a header, and a moment later Bannister surprised Urien with a long range shot which crashed into the net corner. Wombwell were awarded a penalty. But Bannister failed to beat Urien. Just before the interval Wombwell were rewarded another penalty and this time Oxley converted.

Quicker on the ball than their opponents, Wombwell went further ahead through Bannister, who scored through a crowd of players. Denaby improved in the second half, Killourhy and Carver scoring goals in rapid succession. It was typical cup tie football, both sides being all out. Long passing was the order, the ball being swung from end to end at a thrilling pace. Both goalkeepers won applause, Urien pulling off some brilliant saves for Denaby. Wombwell won because they were quicker on the ball, found their men and grasped their shooting chances with greater alacrity. Johnson, Wombwell’s new outside left, made the most of his few chances. Killourhy was a strong figure in the Denaby attack, while Turner did some maths work at centre half.