Denaby Utd – Worksop Town 6  Denaby 4 – Ten Goals at Worksop.

30 April 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday April 30 1911

Ten Goals at Worksop.

Worksop Town 6  Denaby United 4

Worksop concluded the season scoring six goals against Denaby, but as the latter responded with four, there was not a great deal of disparity in the scores the finish.

As a matter of fact, the defences on either side were remarkably weak. Both sides boasted a “hat trick’’ performer. Lang, the old Sheffield United forward, scoring three goals for the visitors, whilst Groves equalled the feat for Worksop.

Worksop tried reserve backs in Fairbanks and Milner, that their lack experience was very noticeable, a failing which was also prevalent the Denaby side.

The proceeds were for the benefit of Ben Bale, who for several seasons has played forward and half-back, but it is lie feared the receipts will not commensurate to the recipient’s worth.

Mexborough Town Swamped.

Huddersfield Town Res 4  Mexborough Town 0

The last match the season at. Leeds Road. Huddersfield, was played between the Town Reserves and Mexborough.

The first named had some promising recruits, namely, Brockley and Spink forward, and Craig (all from Craghead), and Proctor, of London Custom House, and all gave very good exhibition, particularly Craig, who scored two out the four goals, the others going the McCubbin and H. Hall.

Beach put into his own goal off one of his own backs, but otherwise played a sterling game. In the second half Huddersfield lost the services of Spink at half back, and Proctor and Hall both retire temporarily during the game.

Mercer played well for Huddersfield in goal, but had chance with the shot sent in by J. Beaumont. Huddersfield had most the attack, and Mexborough got off fairly easily.