Denaby Utd – Yorkshire Amateurs 1 Denaby 0 – Shock for Denaby

May 1967

South Yorkshire Times, May 6, 1967

Shock for Denaby

Yorkshire Amateurs  1  Denaby United  0

Denaby United dropped what could have been two vital points on Saturday in their defeat by lowly Yorkshire Amateurs.

Although there were obvious weaknesses in their play, Denaby were unlucky not to score, and made all the running for long periods.

After 12 minutes, however, pressure on the Denaby goal paid off. Gawthorpe took a pass in the penalty area and put in a cracking shot that Smith just could not get to in time.

This spurred Denaby to action, Wright sent in a long, high shot from the right wing but Webb went up fully and caught the ball without much trouble

No One There

When an Amateur’s defender put the ball back to the keeper. Mick Smith raced in, intercepted and centred but there was no one to make the shop that most have made the equaliser.

The crowning indignity came when Mick Smith dribbled in from the wing. He lost possession. But the ball was centred again by Alan Cooper. With keeper Webb on the floor and the ball almost at Gerry Smith’s feet, at point blank range the long-awaited equaliser seemed certain. Despairing cries went up from Denaby fans as Gerry Smith missed the ball completely and fell flat on his back.

Lacked Finish.

At the restart, Denaby continued to pile on the pressure, but they lacked finish and good midfield work came to grief in the penalty area.

After three players – Amateur’s keeper, a defender, and Wiggles went up for a ball and got entangled. Wiggles had his name taken by referee Earnshaw. Apparently for answering back.

Denaby were unable to pull anything out of the bag. And left the team the bitterly disappointed losers at full-time.