Denaby Utd – Yorkshire League Football next season

March 1967

South Yorkshire Times March 11, 1967

It’s Yorkshire League Football at Tickill Square next season

Midland League football is definitely out next season as far as Denaby United are concerned. The club’s management committee have decided to retain membership of the Yorkshire League and to keep their reserve side in the County Senior League.

It has also been revealed that Harry Lee – a major force behind Denaby’s great promotion challenge – will be invited to remain manager in this 1967 – 68 season.

Behind the committee’s decision not to make a third successive reapplication to the Midland League, is a feeling that the club, which looks certain of promotion in the Yorkshire League First Division, could not afford Midland league soccer.

Too Expensive

club chairman Mr Eddie Langford told me on Friday, “We feel it would be far too expensive to go back in, and we shall not be applying for membership next season.

“There was a strong feeling amongst committee members that we should be back in the Midland League, from the point of view of procedure, the standard of football offered, the high standard of ground accommodation and playing conditions. But we just could not afford it and I hope we can look forward to Yorkshire League cup first Division football next season.”

Mr Langford said the committee and also rejected ideas of joining the proposed Doncaster Premier League.

“We feel that with the probability of promotion to the First Division of the County Senior Lee, we shall be shown of a much higher standard of football in the Doncaster League could provide,” he declared.

Full Support

Mr Langford added that his club give full support to any proposal for a Yorkshire League Premier Division. But he had this to say about current Yorkshire League standards –

“I feel the League Management Committee should make a real effort to improve the standards of ground. Some of them are very poor.

“For instance, we have continually complained about the state of the ground at Hull Brunswick. It is time something was done.”

On the question managed to ship Mr Langford told me, “I feel I can say there is no doubt that Harry Lee will definitely be retained as manager next season.

“I cannot remember a season when the club has been near to the top so consistently as this season, and this is mainly due to the perseverance of the manager.

“Harry Lee is the respect of the committee and team alike and, as far as I’m concerned, he has been a first-class manager.”