Roll of Honour – Denaby

November 1945

South Yorkshire Times 1945


For completeness we have shown all names listed on the Denaby War Memorial; if the detail provided by the South Yorkshire Times includes persons not on the war memorial we have indicated as such.
The information provided by the SYT is highlighted

This comprises; Name, Rank, Address, Date of death, Location

In grateful memory of those who gave their lives 1939 – 1945

A Aird, Private
109 Tickhill Street, Denaby, February 22, 1945
with B.L.A .

R.L. Bingham

E. Box

F. Buckley

W.H. Buckley

F Burdett, Sergeant
117 Tickhill Street, Denaby, October 25, 1940
Hong Kong

K Burdett, Gunner
117 Tickhill Street, Denaby, October 1 – 2, 1942
Four E., drowned while being transferred to new camp by Japanese

J. Burton, A.B.
69 Warmsworth Street, Denaby
reported missing and later presumed lost at sea

W.H.Butcher, bombardier
10 Melton Street, Denaby, May 29, 1940
Dunkirk (not on w/M)

H. Butler, Gunner
107 Loversall Street, June 1943
while POW in Japenese hands

J.A.Chambers, Sapper
65 Balby Street Denaby, June 17, 1940

W.C. Cooper

J.T. Corney


W.S. Corney

A. Cuttell

A Darby, Stoker
36 Cliff View, Denaby, September 1, 1944

J. Dolly (21), Private
12, William Street, Denaby, Seprtember 10th 1943
In Italy


L.A.Dudhill, bombardier
18 Melton Street Denaby, April 20, 1943

H. Duke

J. Garnett

T. Garnett

T.M.Gibney, A.C.1
4 Ravenfield Street Denaby, December 29, 1943

H.E. Girling

L. Greasby, Private
3 Wood View, Denaby, March 6, 1945

F. Hargreaves

B. Hill

S. Hingley (24), |Gunner
138, Doncaster Road, Denaby
missing, presumed killed, Dunklirk

A. Hooley (20) A/B
60 Annerley Street, Denaby Main, April 10, 1940
in HMS Hunter in first battle of Narvik

E Horne, Private
16 Annerley Street, Denaby, July 13, 1943

G.E. Hules

A Jones, Guardsman
110 Doncaster Road Denaby, February 16, 1944

J. Kelley

A. Knowles

A Lee (20), Private
4 Thrybergh Terrace, Denaby
Middle East

F. Madden

A.O.Mills, Gunner
142 Doncaster Road Denaby, October 28, 1942
while prisoner of war in Italy

H Moore, driver
20 Loversall Street, Denaby, between May 20 and June 28 1942
died in transport at sea while prisoner of war

T. Morgan

J.J. Pears

J.P. Pears

L.Peters, Gunner
142, Doncaster Road, Denaby, October 28, 1942
while prisoner of war in Italy (not on WM)

J. Preston

C.E. Prince

G.N. Roberts

K. Robinson

S Rouse, Driver
Ravenfield Street Denaby, August 13, 1944

N.Scott, Gunner
29 Bolton Street, Denaby, October 31, 1941
at sea

A.W. Southwell

H Till, Gunner
49 Barnburgh Street, Denaby, June 2, 1940
died of wounds in England

A. Turner, Warrant Officer
12 Main Street, Denaby Main, April 11th 1943

E. Walker

E West, Private
15 customers Street, Denaby December 1, 1944

G.K.Wheeliker, flight Sergeant
10 Melton Street, Denaby, February 14, 1945

A. Whittaker

H. Widdowson

C Wood (25), Sapper
78 Warmsworth Street, Denaby, November 22, 1944
North West Europe

J.W. Wraithe

S. Wraithe

Pearl Dunhill Jeffcote