Denaby’s Beauty Spot – Reply to Lady Mabel Smith

March 1920

Sheffield Independent – Monday 29 March 1920

Denaby’s Beauty Spot

Reply to Lady Mabel Smith

To The Editor “Sheffield Independent”

Sir.— According your Friday’s paper Lady Mabel Smith, at a lecture the evening before, at Denaby, said there were no trees in Denaby and a garden allotment is a thing unknown there

Denaby may not be an “ideal” village, but what colliery village is ideal? I have lived in Denaby 27 years and have always been happy.

It has a real beauty spot situate in the heart of the village.

Apparently lady Mabel has never seen it. If she came there she will see trees and I have two pain my own front garden.

As regards allotment, I should like Lady Mabel to know that I have personally collected rents for eight years for 69 allotments, and there is the Garden Society and the Allotment Holders Association in Denaby.

Why these, if allotments are unknown?

I should advise her to visit Tickhill Square if she ever comes again and also to have a walk round the Denaby allotments and see what Denaby men can do and how proud they are of their gardens.

Yours etcetera