Denaby’s Coat of Arms ?

April 1965

South Yorkshire Times 17th April 1965


It will perhaps surprise many of our readers to learn that Denaby once perhaps had its own Coat of Arms.

Mrs. Parry, of the Shephard’s Close Bungalows, has an ashtray bearing what she believes to be a local coat of arms.

Our correspondent found that the ashtray, of Carlton ware, was made at Stoke-on-Trent. In the centre is a shield above which is depicted a pick and shovel and on each side a miner, one with a pit lamp and the other with a pick. At the top of the shield is the scene of a pit head, and on the right hand side of it appears a sign of three bottles, which may represent the glass bottle industry which was once also prominent in the village, at Messrs. Kilners’ works. The left hand side consists of a black band and three signs which Mrs. Parry thinks could indicate the St. John Ambulance Movement, which was also an important factor connected with the mining community in those days.

It will be interesting to know whether there is any further information about the origin and significance of this emblem.