Jubilee – Denaby’s delight – Many Visitors – A Wonderful Memory

May 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 10 1935

Denaby’s delight

Denaby Main has risen to fame on more than one occasion and during in the last few days its fame has been noised abroad for its wonderful display of Street decorations in honour of the Silver Jubilee of the King and Queen.

On this occasion Denaby put its politics aside and like one family joined in the joy and happiness of the occasion. There was not a street in this little village but what was gaily and artistically decorated. Everything belonged to the people for the time being, and anything that was of value in the scheme of decoration was brought into use. Street lampposts were decorated (and even whitewashed) and in some cases the lamps had covers and lanterns over them to enhanced the beauty of the scheme. Shops were besieged for flags and papers and though in many cases coppers were spent that could be ill afforded, the spenders found joy in the thrillas which followed.

Many visitors

During the weekend the village became a mecca for sightseers who came from far and near. The writer of these notes pass through many villages and towns to Bradford on Jubilee day and saw no place with so great a scheme of decoration as Denaby’s. Our beautiful wayside park came in for a great deal of admiration. People came who were surprised to see such an oasis in a colliery village.

A wonderful memory

Jubilee day will long live in the memories of young and old alike. It commenced in the right way, with services in the churches and schools. Then followed the programme for the children. Free performances were given at the picture palaces to which the scholars went in relays. Afterwards teas were provided and the children received their Jubilee mugs. They had previously received pens, pencils and the Jubilee bank book credited with 1s.

After tea came sports, the juniors in the football field and the seniors in the “Twenty acre.” During the afternoon and evening the ambulance and gave an enjoyable programme of music on the Northcliff crags. At dusk the Scouts had their torchlight procession which was very effective, about 80 Scouts taking part, with their bands. The climax of the day’s proceedings came with the wonderful firework display on the crags, attended by thousands of people. The hillside presented a wonderful spectacle when lit by “waterfall” fireworks. The joys and thrills of a great and memorable day culminated in the lighting of a huge bonfire (provided by the colliery company) on the crags.

Tribute is due to the ambulance Brigade and nursing sisters, the Boy Scouts, and others who rendered service throughout the day and last but not least, to the members of our council, the officials and the committees, who worked hard in the organisation of a splendid and impressive programme. The teas and concert for the unemployed were held in the large Hall and miners Welfare Institute on Tuesday, and the old age pensioners will be entertained on Saturday.

So large was the congregation at St. Alban’s Roman Catholic Church for the morning that many people were unable to gain admittance and had to remain outside. A Gregorian mass, more than 500 years old, was summoned. Father C. Lehayne was the celebrant.

The Papal flag and the Irish free State banner were flown from St. Alban’s Roman Catholic church, Denaby, for the Jubilee celebrations. Over 1700 unemployed and their wives were entertained to tea and concert in the Miners Welfare Institute and the large Hall on Tuesday.