Denaby’s New Chemist (pictures)

May 1967

South Yorkshire Times, May 13

Denaby’s New Chemist

A chemist’s shop that can rival any of the big combine chemist can be found in Denaby Main with the opening of Mr Eric Dickinson’s modernised Doncaster Road premises.

Mr Dickinson, M.P.S., has for 10 years had his Conisbrough shop where he has provided a valuable service for local photography enthusiasts, dealing in specialised equipment not normally found outside large photography shops.

Four years ago he acquired premises in Denaby Main and ran it as a dispensing chemist with the aid of a manager. Now, he has completely modernised the Denaby premises, put in a new frontage and completely re-equipped and redecorated the interior.

Mr Dickinson told the “South Yorkshire Times” this week that one of his main aims in carrying out the modernisation was to present a better “image”: “I think a shop should create a good image for pharmacy by looking clean and hygienic. The days of half lit, dingy little camera shops are well in the past.”

Mr Dickinson has created his good “image” by providing the people of Denaby with a shop with a big display window and a shop full of attractive sales displays.


Easily Accessible

There is plenty of places to move around the different shelves, so the whole of the shops wide, ranging stock is easily accessible to customers.

Manager of the Denaby shop, Mr Frank Surall, M.P.S., Told a “South Yorkshire Times” that stock had also been extended and brought up to date “we are still very much in the experimental stage as far as stock is concerned; we are trying to asserting exactly what the customers want,” he said.

“Now we have more space and better display facilities. We can carry a wide range of products. We have, for instance, started seeing a slightly better lining cosmetics than before, although it remains to be seen if demand will justify this.

“As soon as we have a grill for the window, we will carry more specialised photographic equipment, much the same as the Conisbrough shop. I think this will provide a useful service for Denaby.”

Pleasant Staff

Last, but by no means least, when you have selected your purchase from the shops extensive stop, you will be served by one of the pleasant young assistants. “At present I have a staff of three.” Mr Surall said, “but we may have to increase it in the near future.”

“What we are trying to do,” concluded Mr Surall, “is provide a service comparable with that of the big combines, and keep our prices competitive.”