Denaby’s New Look To Cost £1 Million

February 1970

South Yorkshire Times February 21, 1970

Denaby’s New Look To Cost £1 Million

Conisbrough Councillors this week

The monev Is to be spent new housing developments which could mean in the region of 400 new dwellings within the next two years.

Building on phase one of the massive Bolton Street redevelopment scheme is expected to begin this summer and slum clearance work has been going so well that phase two will also get under way this year.

The two phases comprise 274 houses.

Lose Powers

County Coun. Jim Prendergast, chairman of the housing committee. told the “South Yorkshire Times”: “it looks as though we are going to lose our powers in the near future and our ambition is to make Denaby an attractive place to live in before we go.

“We want to give the people of Denaby an opportunity to have a nice house. The village has had a bit of a reputation in the past, but the houses were at fault, not the homes inside.”

It is hoped that the new houses will be completed within two years. Then residents in the next slum clearance area, the Balby Street end of Denaby, will be rehoused in the Bolton Street development.

Said County Council Prendergast, “We are hoping that no-one else will have to leave Denaby from now on in order to he re-housed.”

Also Approved

The council have also approved a plan to plant 242 trees of differing varieties on a two-acre site in Doncaster Road.

Said County Coun. Prendergast: “This should make the village more attractive for those who are coming in from Mexborough. The trees will screen the old pit buildings.”

The council have invited members of the public to donate trees for planting on this site.

Footnote: Conisbrough Urban Council would lose its powers under the proposed local government reforms.