Denaby’s New Youth Centre has 380 Members

April 1949

South Yorkshire Times, April 9, 1949

Denaby’s New Youth Centre has 380 Members

Within 10 weeks of its opening, the Thomas Hill Youth Centre at Denaby already has nearly 380 members. This remarkable response has confounded local specialist, who prophesied that the district would have no use for a youth centre and the building will become “a white elephant.”

200 of the members are aged between 12 and 15 and at that figure the Management Committee have had to limit the entry, but they are still willing to enroll members over the age of 15.

At present there are 180 members between 15 and 21

The Youth Centre provides a varied programme. On Monday and Friday evenings the boys enjoy physical training and boxing; on Tuesday the girls have physical training and country dancing; on Wednesday there is concert party work, music and drama (principally concert party work, at present); on Thursdays dancing and games; and Saturday free and easy evenings, with games and dancing and, from the stage, quizzes.

On Sunday evening there have been concerts and tours, among them the life story of Mr Tom Hill, sponsor of the Youth Centre.

Last Sunday evening Wath Salvation Army Songsters entertained a Packed “house.”

This season Youth Centre cricket teams will play midweek matches; next season the centre will run from both teams are now hoping that there tennis teams can join a convenient league.

Arrangements are being made for the athletic club to be registered under the Aid.A.A..

On April 30th Farndon Boys Club, Newark, will visit the Youth Centre for an inter-club boxing tournament with the Youth Centre Team.