Denaby’s Team Reviewed.

15 October 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 15 October 1910

Denaby’s Team Reviewed.

And now a word or two about the team which is going, we anticipate, to put Goole Town out of action. The remarkable accident to Harry Fitton, which in detailed elsewhere, has caused a reshuffling of the cards, with the result that the team will have to be selected from the following:

Robert Shepard (goal)
A Denaby lad, bred and born, and almost as clever as Thompson. Has already won golden praise. Only previous club Denaby St Chad’s. Height 5ft 8 ½ in, weight 11 st 4 lbs aged 21

Harry Jackson (right back)
an ugly customer, with playing a good sound game for Denaby. Came from Darfield, and previously played with Rotherham Town. If you the impression that a mistaken one – that he is slow. Height 5ft 11 in, weight 11 st 8lbs aged 23.

Ernest Gregory (left back)
A fresh coloured lad from the land with the bloom of agriculture in his cheeks. One of the soundest backs Denaby have had, and likely to settle there. Hails from Ecclesfield and has played with Sheffield United and Worksop. Height 5ft 9 ½  in, weight 12 st aged 23.

Joe Nimrod (right half)
Captain when playing. Known as “Old Joe.” One of the biggest gluttons for work yet known. Favourite song, “I do like to be beside the cowhide.” About 29, as close Denaby more years than he cares to count, and formerly played with Barnsley. Has had good chances, but always preferred football is a game to football as a business.

Jack Westwood (right half)
Like Nimrod, whose place and position he seems to have succeeded to, is an untiring worker. A glutton for graft. The best halfback then be had. Used to show well against Tom Kelly at his best. Has played with Rotherham Town, Worksop and Gainsborough. Height 5ft 6 ½  in, weight 10 st 12 lbs aged 27.

James Dyer (centre half)
And experience man, who has had six years first-class football, and intends to have some more. Quite the biggest man in the team. Has seen service with Manchester United, Bradford Park Avenue, West Ham and other Southern clubs. Height 5ft 10 ½  in, weight 12 st 7 lbs aged 27.

Joe Westwood (left half)
The lad of the team in a very promising 12. Younger brother of Jack, and such another worker. Lacks Jack’s experience, but will train on into a very good footballer. Has had a previous spell with Denaby, and was brought out by Treeton Wesleyans. Height 5ft 7 in, weight 10 st 4 lbs aged 19.

Jonny Lang (outside right)
The big attraction who has so far, failed to refuse his proper form. A braw Scottie, who ousted Walter Bennett from his place in the Sheffield United team, but who has never reached anything like international honours. He was transferred to Leicester Fosse, and has filtered down to Denaby, Walter Bennett’s last resting place. We see occasional flashes of Lang’s league form, but nothing dazzling so far. Height 5ft 6 in, weight 11 st 7 lbs aged 27.

“Teddy” Dyal (inside right)
A familiar face at Denaby. Has done for good seasons there, with an interlude at Rotherham, and has scored a lot of goals, though he is quite in that respect this year. Fearless to the point of asking for trouble and occasionally gets it. When his clarion voice rings across the field all is not well. Has played for Worksop was dug out of Heeley Friends.

Ben Jones (centre forward)
The ‘crack’ of the team. Scored his 11th goal on Saturday. Remarkably good shot and dangerous anywhere inside 30 yards. Keeps the forwards going nicely, and as Westwood’s craving for work. Has seen good class football, and two years ago was shouldered about Rotherham for beating Crewe Alexandra with the only goal of the match. Has played with Birmingham, Barnsley and Rotherham Town. Height 5ft 9 in, weight 11 st 4 lbs aged 24.

William Dean (inside left)
Will properly drop into the team through Fitton’s injury. Has been signed on about a month and outback. Comes from Reading. At present an unknown quantity. Height 5ft 10in, weight 11 st 7 lbs aged 23.

John Thackrah (outside left)
The smallest man on the field. A hangdog style, but very smart on the wing and good at a square centre. Serves up a lot of mustard for Jones. As play with Doncaster Rovers and junior clubs. A Sheffield lad. Height 5ft 4 in, weight 10 st 7 lbs aged 22.

Thomas’s Swinbourne (reserve)
A useful handyman procured from Coventry City at the beginning of last season. Trained in Staffordshire and Birmingham junior football. A big hefty lad, just built for Cup ties. Height 5ft 10 in, weight 12  aged 24