Denary United Leniently Dealt With.

20 December 1911

Sheffield Telegraph, Tuesday December 20th 1911

Denary United Leniently Dealt With.

The allegations made against Denaby United, the Midland League club, respecting their playing ineligible men, were investigated at a Sheffield and Hallamshire Association Sub-committee meeting held last night, at the Wentworth Cafe, Sheffield, Mr. J. Norton in the chair.

Denaby United admitted that they had played Orwin (a suspended player), Badery and Robinson (Vickers’ Sports), and Clarke, Holfordand Earle (Woodhouse Amateurs), without obtaining the necessary transfers, but stated that in the case of Orwin they did not know he was a suspended player until informed of the fact by the hon. secretary of the Sheffield Sunday School League, Mr. A. E. Woollen. The offence had then been committed. Respecting the other five payers they could only plead ignorance of the competition rules of the Association. This last plea was also put forward by Budery, Robinson, Clarke, and Earle.

Orwin declared that he never knew he had been suspended for not paying his subscription to Owlerton C.M. a year or so ago, but replying to close questions, he admitted playing for Prospect View recently, after he had been told of his suspension by Mr. Barlow, of Denaby United. For this offence he was suspended until the end of January.

Bearring in mind the chaotic state of things at Dennaby this season, the Committee took a lenient view of matters, and fined the club 10s. 6d. The suspension, of course, was removed. With the exoeption of Holford, the players were censured, and Holford suspended until he appears.