Deputies Strike – Misunderstanding At Cadeby Main

July 1946

South Yorkshire Times, July 27th, 1946

Deputies Strike.
Misunderstanding At Cadeby Main.

A strike of deputies held up production at Cadeby Colliery, which employs some 1,500 men and boys, on Friday.

The deputies refused to go down for the afternoon shift, apparently taking exception to the fact that Mr. Wilfred Mitchell, who has been manager at Cadeby Main for several years, was being transferred to another post with the same Company. As a result, other men and boys were unable to work. Mr. Mitchell told the deputies that he was quite satisfied with the arrangements made for his transfer, but the deputies insisted on registering their feelings by strike action.

The position was cleared up at a meeting held on Friday evening, attended also by Mr. G. Tyler, general secretary of Y.A.C.O.S., and full working was resumed on Sunday.