Deserting His Wife at Conisborough

August 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 28, 1896

Deserting His Wife at Conisborough

George William Deacon, coal filler, was charged with deserting his wife, Elizabeth Jane Deacon, at Conisborough.

Mr C. Hall appeared for the defendant.

Complaining applied for a maintenance order. She said that prisoner left her last Tuesday and had not come back.

Mr Hall: did he not leave you the furniture. – Complainant: yes, part of it.

Mr Hall: what time did the defendant come home last Saturday night. – Complainant: I think it was about 10 o’clock.

Mr Hall: What time did you come home? 12 o’clock.

Mr Hall: You had been in a public house, had you not? – Yes, I went in with my father, and I only had one bottle of stout.

Mr Hall: But I believe you were worse for beer when you got home? No, I was not. I only had one bottle of stout.

Have you been running your husband into debt. No. – How much does he earn? He gives me a sovereign. And he says he earns about 22s. – I believe you told him he could go if he liked. Yes, I told him he could go, but he would have to keep me.

Mr Hall said he would be very pleased if the bench would grant an order. Defendant was earning about 22s per week, and they had no family

The chairman: what are you willing to allow your wife? – Defendant: five shillings per week,

The chairman: do you expect your wife to live on 5s a week, 9p a day – defendant: that’s all I can afford out of my wage

An order was made for 8s per week.