Desertion of a Wife at Conisborough

April 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 6, 1888

Desertion of a Wife at Conisborough

Henrietta Spence, of Conisborough , sued Christopher Spence, glass blower, Ardsley, for desertion, she being his wife.

Defendant did not appear.

Mrs Spence said she was married 30 years since, and they had been living together until 11 weeks ago. They were living together at Conisborough . She now sought maintenance for herself and her children.

Her husband had been sent away to Wakefield for being drunk and disorderly, and when he left, prisoner, instead of coming back to her, went to Barnsley where he was employed when she last heard of him. She could not get to see him.

Her son, 18 years of age, got nine shillings a week as “worker off” at Messrs Kilner’s Glass manufacturer at Conisborough . She had several children beside him.

She understood that her husband was in regular work, and he got 20 shillings per week.

An order was made for 12 shillings per week.