Devoted Sisters – Conisbrough Woman Inherits £13,000

May 1956

South Yorkshire Times May 26, 1956

Devoted Sisters
Conisbrough Woman Inherits £13,000

Because they could never bear to be parted, two sisters, Miss Sarah Jane Bentley and Miss Martha Bentley both went into Doncaster in large nursing home when Miss Sarah Jane was ill, Miss Martha went to save her sister fretting because of their parting.

Now 88-year-old Miss Martha Flynn has learned that she will inherit more than £13,000 in her sister’s will.

Her sister died in nursing home at the age of 87, and Miss Martha is still there. In her will Miss Bentley left £14,038 8s. gross, £13,967 15s. net (duty paid £1121)

Both sisters formerly lived at 61, Park Road, Conisbrough, and they found good neighbours in Mr and Mrs Edward Dale, (of Cartref,” Park Road, Conisbrough, “we often do little jobs in the house for them,” said Mrs Dale yesterday (Thursday)

And those little jabs have not been forgotten, for Mr and Mrs Dale have each been left £100. “The sisters were also a very devout pair. Their father was a farmer at Micklebring, and later the sisters moved to Braithwell,” said Mr Dale. “They were members of Braithwell with the church,” he added. And Miss Bentley also left £250 to the trustees of Braithwell church.