Diamond Jubilee for Mother Josepha

July 1965

South Yorkshire Times 17th July 1965

Diamond Jubilee for Mother Josepha

A person well known by members of St. Alban’s Church and community and by many other local residents, who recently celebrated her ‘Diamond Jubilee’ as a Sister of Mercy, is Mother Josepha, of the St. Alban’s Convent, who has lived in the village since the Convent was opened in June 1926.

During that time she has endeared herself to the Church and its people and to the villagers. Although advancing in years she has not retired but is still active and maintains her interest in Church activities.

She received many tokens of affection and letters of congratulation from members and friends. Mother Josepha has devoted much time to the altar decorations of the Church and she and her helpers are often congratulated upon the arrangements.

The good wishes of many readers of these notes will be extended to her.