Died After a Fit of Coughing

January 1949

South Yorkshire Times January 15, 1949

Died After a Fit of Coughing

How a Conisbrough man died after a violent fit of coughing after having smoked a pipe in bed for a few minutes was told by witnesses at a Conisbrough inquest yesterday (Thursday).

The Doncaster District Coroner, Mr. W. H. Carlile, recorded a verdict of  “Accidental Death.”

The inquest was on Ernest Stables (51), 4, Claremont Terrace. Conisbrough, who died on Saturday.

Mrs. Ethel Stables said her husband had been out for his Saturday night drink. When getting into bed he smoked a pipe for a few minutes and began to cough violently. Alarmed by her husband’s condition Mrs. Stables went to fetch her next door neighbour, Mrs. Mary Baldry 5, Claremont Terrace.

Mrs. Baldry told the Coroner that as soon as she saw Stables, she told Mrs. Stables to fetch a doctor. She took Stables’ hand and realised his pulse was weakening. He was unconscious and perspiring freely, and died five minutes later.

Following the evidence of Dr. H Lederer, Doncaster Pathologist, the Coroner said in other words. Stables choked himself to death.