Dig In The Castle Grounds

February 1966

South Yorkshire Times February 12,1966

A Dig In The Castle Grounds.

Excavations could start any time now at Conisbrough Castle in an effort to place together a clearer picture of its history.

This will probably be the first ‘dig’ in the castle grounds within living memory.

Custodian Mrs. Reg Ames told the ‘South Yorkshire Times’ on Monday, “We have been told that a dig is ‘imminent’, which could¬†mean next week or next month. I think, in fact, it will probably start in the summer.”

The site of excavation is most likely to be in the ‘outer ward,’ to the left hand side of the main entrance. Hundreds of tons of debris from inside the castle walls were dumped there at one time but have since been moved, leaving the site clear.

The main task of the excavating party from the Ministry of Public Building and Works would be to locate remains of walls and footings, said Mr. Tames. He added, ‘I suppose the goal will be to find the position of the castle’s original outer walls,’

Work is still in progress renovating the masonry of the remaining walls, but this should be completed this year.