Dinner to Work people

January 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 16 January 1891

Dinner to Work people

On Thursday evening, the 8th inst, Messrs. George Booth and Sons’ sickle manufacturers, Conisliorough, gave their employers, along with a number of friends, an excellent dinner at the Castle Inn.

The event was to mark the 39th wedding day of Mr. George Booth, the senior partner. After the cloth was drawn Mr. J Warburton, Conisborough„ occupied the chair of the meeting and concert, Mr. John Morley the vice chair, supported by Mr. John Twivey, the two latter being also residents.

Mr. Warburton presented Mrs. Booth with a splendid gold brooch and Mr. George Booth, senr with a splendid cigar case with gold lining, given by several friends as mementos of Mr. and Mrs Booth’s 39th wedding day.

Mr. Booth, in suitable words, thanked the guests, who numbered upwards of eighty, on behalf of himself and his dear wife, and said that they should be handed down to posterity as heirlooms in memory of that event. He thanked them all for the kindness and generosity bestowed upon them, and hoped that they would all meet again cm similar occasion.

Mr. Warburton then proposed the first toast, which was “The Queen and Royal Family,” which was drunk with musical honours, and responded to by Mr. George Booth, senr.

The next toast was ” Trade and commerce” proposed by Mr. George Booth, senr.

Mr. Warburton proposed “The health of Messrs. George Booth and Sons,” which was drunk with musical honour.

The concert then commenced, and the following Programme gone through:—

The first song was sung by Mr. Charles Ledger, an old resident of Conisborough, in excellent style, entitled, ” I wish my mother would come.” which was much enjoyed by the audience.

Mr. T. Stacey following with the “Monarch of the wood’ and ” The sexton,” and was loudly applauded.

Mr. Wm. Rawding then gave the sang entitled “That reached my heart,” and was heartily encored.

Messrs. Downing, Morley, and Wilson, three old veterans of the Conisborough Musical Society, also sang two glees in a perfect manner.

Mr. Thomas Broth then gave the songs “I was in it ” and “The little brown jug,” which fairly brought down the home.

Mr. J. Shelton sang “The king of the castle” in good form.

Mr. .J. Dufton sang “The soldier’s child” and “Teddy O’Neill,” great credit being accorded to him.

Mr. George Stacey and Mr T. Fearn sang ” Birds of one feather” and Down by the River Dee” respectively in good style.

Mr. J. Smith also obliged with “The trail hunt,” which was well rendered and much appreciated.

Mr. T. Booth, junr, then proposed, and Mr. John Downing seconded, that great credit was due to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. the host and hostess, for their efficient catering.

Mr. George Taylor, the host. responded in suitable terms. He said it was his first catering in Conisborough, and he felt very much gratified for the kindness shown to him and his wife. He hoped that it would not be the last time that they would have the pleasure of catering for a Conisborough gathering. It was here mentioned that Mr H. Taylor, butcher, of Barnborough, brother of the landlord, supplied the veal, and Mr. Foster, late butcher of Mexborough, now farmer of Hooton Roberts, fed the fatted calf, weighing over 100 pounds to which the guests did ample justice.

The usual of thanks were then passed, and all dispersed to their respective homes after spending a most enjeyable evening. The house was thrown open from nine to ten p.m., anybody having what reasonable refreshments they liked in honour of the event.

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