Disastrous Effect on the South Wales Collieries

June 1922

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 21 June 1922

Disastrous Effect on the South Wales Collieries.

Walking in Yorkshire.

Scores of families have wended their way northwards in the hope of obtaining employment in Yorkshire. At Denaby Main and Cadeby two of the largest underground workings in South Yorkshire—Welsh colonies have sprung up.

Unemployed men from South Wales in many cases have sold up their homes, and in others men and women have pawned jewellery in order to obtain the necessary money to pay their railway fare. Others have actually walked the whole distance, and so great has been the exodus to Yorkshire that the men from Wales are now finding it exceedingly difficult to get work there.

A number of them interviewed, state that after tramping to Barnsley, Denaby, Doncaster, and other Yorkshire colliery districts, they were unable to get work, and had to walk back.