Discontented Farm Labourers.

January 1899

Sheffield Independent – Monday 02 January 1899

Discontented Farm Labourers.

On Saturday, at Doncaster, Dan Shay or Shee, and Wm. Richardson, farm servants, Sherburn, were summoned under the Employers’ and Workmen’s Act, the complainant being Wm. Appleyard, farmer, of Conisbro’.

Mr. Baddily, solicitor, appeared for the complainant.

The defendants had been hired at Selby, the former at £5. 10 for the year, and the latter at £13. 10s.

The claim was for 10s. damages in the first case, and £2 in the second instance, the youths having left service without giving notice.

The father of Shay said his boy had never been out to service before, and he had a letter to say that the work was too hard and the food not satisfactory.

The complainant said no complaint had been made to him ‘personally, and tho charges were not correct. The father then said that he wrote a letter to his son which had not been received, and he asked the complainant to account for that.

The farmer said no such letter had been received.

The father replied that that was extraordinary, and more would be heard about it, as he should communicate with the Postal Authorities. The claim in this case was allowed.

ln the second case, the defendant accused the complainant of violence, which was denied.

Mr. Baddiley said an insulting letter had been received from: the boy’s father, containing false charges.

The father stated to the Bench that he had seven children, and certainly had no desire for his son to leave work, if it could be avoided, but he was not satisfied with the way in which the lad was treated.

The magistrates allowed £1 damages in this case.