Disgraceful Row at Denaby.

September 1889

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 16 September 1889

Disgraceful Row at Denaby.

Fanny Follows, Annie Dunn, and Annie O’Brien, married women, were summoned for having committed willful damage at Denaby.

Mr. Hickmott, who prosecuted, stated that the conduct of the defendants had been most outrageous. The women lived at  Denaby, where also  the complainant, Martha Cohen, occupied a house. Cohen had a child, and the defendants thought that that child was the proper person to fetch drink for them. Mrs. Cohen objected, and on Wednesday, the 11th, the three defendants went to Cohen’s house. Follows tried to open the door, and failing to accomplish her purpose, commenced to kick it. She then went to a window and broke a pane of glass. Dunn called out to Mrs. Cohen to come out and fight her. She had something in her band, which she threw through the window.

O’Brien and Dunn said they had better make a clean job of it, and commenced to knock out the remainder of the glass in the window. O’Brien said a brick would be useful, and, having obtained one, sent it through the window. A teapot was on the table in the house, and O’Brien remarked that she thought she could hit it with brick, and second brick was thereupon thrown. Follows dashed chair against the door, and another woman threw a bucket a of water through the window.

Each of the defendants was ordered pay 20s., including costs, together with the damage.