Disorderly Conisbrough miners.

February 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 25, 1905

Disorderly Conisbrough miners

Two young Conisbrough miners named John Butler and Seth Allen were summoned at the instance of Mr Arthur Hall district detective for the Great Central railway company for having on 7 January interfered with the comfort of passengers at Conisbrough.

Mr James Leach a schoolmaster residing near Barnsley said on 7 January he was a passenger from Doncaster to Starfoot on the 11:25 PM train the two defendants were in the same compartment on the way to Conisbrough. They used the most disgusting language. He remonstrated with them but it was of no avail and instead had one of the defendants using the language towards him. They called him a religious —- and a —- parson.

One of them made a convenience through the carriage window. The witness complained at Conisbrough and the stationmaster took their names and addresses. They had had something to drink but they were sober.

Mr Charles Richards, stationmaster at Conisbrough, said he took the names and addresses of the defendants. They admitted they swore but said they did not see no harm in it. They had some drink but were not drunk.

The two defendants had nothing to say.

The chairman said they had admitted themselves that they used bad language but whether used personally or used to anyone the carriage so long as they were in the carriage and annoyed by it was an offense against the act.

“It is scandalous,” concluded the chairman that people cannot travel quietly in a railway carriage without being annoyed by people like you.

We shall put on a penalty of 40 shillings including the costs.