Disorderly Drunkards

March 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 25 March 1911

The usual disorderly drunkards were dealt with as follows:

Frederick Carter, miner, Goldthorpe, 5/-and costs

John Monaghan, miner, New Conisborough, 2/6 and costs

Cecil Lindley, miner, Denaby 5/– and costs

Thomas McNicholas, miner, Goldthorpe, 12/6

Thomas Mullins, miner, new Conisborough 5/– and costs

Patrick Niel, miner, Denaby 2/6 and costs

William Hackett, miner, Mexborough 2/6 and costs

Edward Durkin, miner, Swinton 5/– and costs

John Connolly and Martin Farrell, miners, Denaby 5/– and costs