Disorderly Home Ruler at Mexboro’.

February 1888

Sheffield Independent – Monday 27 February 1888

Disorderly Home Ruler at Mexboro’.

At the Doncaster West Hiding Police Court Saturday, Ann Flannery and Eliza Tyril, both married women, living at Denaby, were charged with having been drunk, on the 8th inst., at Mexbro’. Flannery did not appear.

The police stated that the defendants were both very drunk in High street, Mexbro’, and, in consequence of their disorderly behaviour, a large crowd gathered.

Mrs. Tyril was the most disorderly of the two, and there were about 200 persons round her while she shouted out, “Hey up for Home Rule ! (Laughter.)

The defendant said she was going to the pawnbrokers, and there would have been no crowd if it had not been for the conduct of the police officers. She acknowledged having had some drink, and said she was sorry.

Fined 5s. and 12s. 6d. costs. The other defendant, who did not appear, was mulcted in I0s. and 12s. 6d. costs