Dispute at Denaby Main Colliery


Sheffield independent, July 12, 1876

Dispute at Denaby Main C olliery

A meeting of the Denaby Main Lodge of the South Yorkshire miners Association was held on Monday night, at the Masons arms, Mexborough, Mr James Marsland in the chair. It was stated that on Saturday, without previous notice, the wages of the miners were reduced 2 1/2d per ton; and the object of the meeting was a considered and best means to adopt for the settlement of the dispute which this reduction had caused.

Mr W Chappell, secretary of the Association, was present.

He explained the “panel system” recently adopted by the Association, and urged upon the miners the necessity of union among themselves for protection.

Mr T Barley, of Swinton, urged the men not to cease work, but if possible, secure an early and amicable settlement

How the matter will end is at present uncertain, but the general feeling is in favour of conciliatory measures in preference to a strike.