Distressing Suicide Of An Old Man – Domestic Troubles

September 1887

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 9, 1887

Distressing Suicide Of An Old Man At Conisborough
Domestic Troubles

An inquest was held at the Fox Inn, Conisbrough, before Mr JG Nicholson, deputy coroner, touching the death of an old man named William Hurton, aged 57, a labourer, formerly employed in the screens at the Denaby Main Colliery.

From the evidence of the two sons of the deceased, George and Fred Burton, it appeared that the deceased had been troubled about domestic affairs. He had lodged with George and his wife at the time of his death, but unpleasantness has occurred, and he was told that he must find fresh lodgings on Monday last, the day of his death.

Henry Ward, a plate layer, employed on the M.S. and L. railway, lives about 50 yards from the railway bridge near to the Conisbrough station, stated that between 12 and 1 o’clock at noon on Monday he heard a whistle, and looking out of his house saw deceased on the bank of the river, looking towards him. He then took off his jersey and hat, and after carefully laying them on the bank, jumped in the water.

The witness immediately ran across the field, up the railway embankment and over the line, down the other side, and he and three other men jumped in a boat which was near at hand, and with some hooks commenced dragging.

Witness found the body after it had been immersed about 15 minutes.

The deceased was afterwards taken to his home and Wellgate, Conisbrough it is stated that deceased had made two previous attempts at suicide. He tried to drown herself near the Ferry at Conisbrough a short time ago, but was persuaded to go home, and only last week he tried to strangle himself.

In the pocket of his jersey there were found some letters directed to his sons, stating where he would be found. He also told them where they will find various sums of money, and added that he “couldn’t stand it any longer”; he “did not wish to stand in anyone’s way.” He left his money to be divided between them, and “if they could get a bit more money they need not care for anybody.”

A verdict of “Committed suicide while temporarily insane” was returned