Disturbance by Women

March 1877

March 22 nd , Sheffield Telegraph

The dispute at the Denaby Main Colliery.

Matters at the collieryare assuming a somewhat serious aspect. On Tuesday evening, a disturbance took place, originating with the “women.”

At the present time, there are are about 30 non-unionists working in the pit, and, as these men reside in the immediate vicinity of the unionists, things do not go on very smoothly.

On Tuesday evening, a non-unionists wife, is reported to have shown a large knife, and threatened some of the other women with a little “cold steel,” the result being a regular disturbance.

Stones were thrown in all directions, and several of the non-Unionist windows were broken into atoms.

Yesterday, eight policeman were stationed at the colliery for the purpose of escorting the non-Unionist workmen home.

At two o’clock, the time appointed for the men to come out of the pit, the unionists, with their wives and children, in hundreds, were assembled, and they hooted the men as they left the colliery.

At one time a serious disturbance appeared imminent,but by the determined efforts of the police, this was averted