Dock Strike May Cause Hold-Up at Conisbrough Works

June 1955

South Yorkshire Times, June 11th, 1955.

Dock Strike May Cause Hold-Up at Conisbrough Works

If the dock strike does not end soon there in an imminent possibility that work will be held up at Conisbrough sickle works of Messrs G. Booth and Sons Ltd.

The rail strike has not yet affected the firm and, according to the Managing Director, Mr. J. H. Rawding, is not likely to for a long time.

‘Our headache is the dock strike’ he told a ‘South Yorkshire Times’ reporter yesterday.

He explained that the firm export 75 per cent of the goods they manufacture and therefore, since the dock strike commenced three weeks ago, goods had been piling up in the Conisbrough warehouses.

Greatest danger of a prolonged strike was that regular overseas buyers would cancel orders and buy from other countries not affected by labour problems.

While the dock strike pesters Mr. Rawding the rail strike continues to be the bugbear to other Mexborough firms.

However, most of them report that they are maintaining their beat-the-strike efforts and that emergency plans for bringing in raw materials and shipping out the finished article are working effectively.