Doncaster By Election – The Poll Results

February 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 24, 1888

The Poll

Our anticipations yesterday were fully verified. The poll is the heaviest ever taken in the Doncaster Division. Out of a possible 13,233 no fewer than 11,118 went to the booths. The total number of good votes was 11,057, the balance (61) representing the papers which from some reason other were not counted, only eleven being put down spoilt.”

The total poll in 1885 was 10,380; and in 1886, 9,852 ; and at there were only 95 fewer electors on the register at the two previous contests, it evident that the constituency has been more thoroughly worked than any previous stuggle.

The following figures which include the rejected votes) show how many electors went to the poll in each district:—